Recluse OTG, The First Release.

The RECLUSE OTG cigar is comprised of the absolute finest of everything. From the seed that is sown, to the blend of the tobacco leaves that make up this masterpiece, to the painstaking fermentation. Under the watchful eye of the maestro, J.R. Dominguez in the Leyendas Cubanas factory, each cigar goes through a Club Med for cigars, if you will. Each leaf is hand selected from only the finest tobacco leaves of the harvest. From the Flavorful and smooth Brazilian Maduro wrapper and select binder, to the specifically selected Dominican leaf variations in the filler, these cigars are what we believe to be the finest in the world. Each and every leaf in the RECLUSE OTG goes through EIGHT fermentation cycles. Why? Because J.R. will not settle for mediocrity. Every RECLUSE OTG is rolled in the old Cuban tradition of tubing which is taking each filler leaf and rolling it into a tube instead of folding it. Once all the filler leaves are each individually rolled into a tube shape, they are brought together and surrounded with the binder. This is time consuming but creates an effortless draw and an unparalleled smoking experience. We then box press each cigar to compress the leaf and reduce air space. This spot lights the flavors of the blend and creates a slower burn while delivering an exceptional draw. The RECLUSE OTG line is offered in ten box pressed sizes.

Three of the ten sizes are shapes that have never been produced anywhere in the world, and they are now known as the Kanú, a special Box Pressed Perfecto that captures the real escense of RECLUSE OTG. We invented them and they are amazing! Our cigars are blended for maximum flavor with such smoothness it might make one think; how did they do that? For over twenty years we have dreamed about a cigar like this. The stars have aligned and now it is a reality. We invite you to experience the RECLUSE OTG for yourself and enjoy the Flavor, the passion, the excitement and all of the care that has gone into the making of this truly exceptional cigar.

Name Size Qty in Box
Petite Corona 4 x 42 24 Count Box
Corona 5¾ x 46 24 Count Box
Robusto 5 x 52 24 Count Box
Toro 6¼ x 50 24 Count Box
Belicoso 6½ x 56 24 Count Box
Tarantula (Round) 6 x 60 24 Count Box
Lancero (Round) 7 x 38 24 Count Box
Excepcionales 7½ x 56 24 Count Box
Kanú #1 6 x 54 20 Count Box
Kanú #2 7 x 52 20 Count Box
Kanú #3 8 x 58 20 Count Box
Sidewinder #1 5 x 57 24 Count Box
Sidewinder #2 6 x 57 24 Count Box
Sidewinder #3 7 x 57 24 Count Box