Recluse Draconian, The Second Release.

In keeping with the Recluse Cigars mantra of quality and innovation in harmony with form and function; the Recluse Draconian is truly a passionate work of art. Raising the bar on the cigar industry as a whole, even the blend of the Recluse Draconian sets a new and hard to achieve standard.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro.
Binder: MBC (proprietary).
Braziago HD.
Piloto Cubano.
Iconic Ligero (proprietary).
Dom. Ligero (Top Prime).
All complimented with one of the best fermentation processes in the world.

Form and Fuction
In addition to the base sizes, Iconic has once again invented a new shape that has never been done before in the history of the cigar industry. The Sidewinder combines the round cigar format with a box pressed format creating a truly exceptional cigar that fits perfectly in the mouth and has an exceptional draw and flavor.

Exceptionalism is not beyond your reach. Experience one for yourself.

Name Size Qty in Box
Petite Corona 4 x 42 24 Count Box
Corona 5¾ x 46 24 Count Box
Robusto 5 x 52 24 Count Box
Toro 6¼ x 50 24 Count Box
Belicoso 6½ x 56 24 Count Box
Tarantula (Round) 6 x 60 24 Count Box
Lancero (Round) 7 x 38 24 Count Box
Excepcionales 7½ x 56 24 Count Box
Kanú #1 6 x 54 20 Count Box
Kanú #2 7 x 52 20 Count Box
Kanú #3 8 x 58 20 Count Box
Sidewinder #1 5 x 57 24 Count Box
Sidewinder #2 6 x 57 24 Count Box
Sidewinder #3 7 x 57 24 Count Box